Consultation Package

You just need some professional advice. You've been going in circles for weeks (or perhaps you would like to avoid going in circles...?) Get on the phone for some design support and clarity so you can finally make those decisions! 

Advice on:

  • Soft furnishings and accessories for pulling a room together

  • Furnishings: what you need and where to find what you are looking for.

  • Lighting ideas (Call before the electrician does his thing!)

  • Color consulting: How to choose your neutrals and pops of color so they look cohesive and sophisticated.

  • Finishes: The cabinets and the counters and the backsplash and the tiles and the flooring.... yeah you got to think this through.

  • Window treatments: What kind would work for you?

  • Outdoor spaces: How to make the most of your unique space.

  • Anything design related you are stuck with!


How it works:

  • Get in touch with us through e-mail to schedule your two-hour consultation.

  • Once availability is confirmed, a paypal invoice will be e-mailed to you.

  • E-mail all your questions, measurements, pictures of your house and inspiration images to us so we can prepare for the consultation.

  • Get ready to be amazed at what customized design can do for you!

Price: $250 for a two hour session- $100 for every additional hour.