Our unique, affordable, online e-design packages is what you have been waiting for! We give you the customized ideas, design and support, while you do the legwork and purchasing at your own pace and as your budget allows, keeping costs down. You get the best of both worlds! By cutting out the expensive, time consuming side of interior design,(the part you are just as capable of doing yourself!) the average homeowner can now afford truly high-class, luxury design without the designer price-tag!

Consultation Package

You just need some professional advice. You've been going in circles for weeks (or perhaps you would like to avoid going in circles...?) Get on the phone for some design support and clarity so you can finally make those decisions! 

Custom Nursery E-design Package

As a mom of five, designing a nursery gets me excited every time! I know how stressful it can be and we are here to put the joy back into the process. We listen to your vision (or lack of vision!) and create a custom made design guide for you to follow and achieve a truly magical space.

A designer room for a fraction of the price!


Playroom Package

Coming Soon!